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Making a Difference

After a challenging winter had taken its toll, The Rainbow Centre requested IPM's help to restore their garden space. IPM was thrilled to respond, organising a team that dedicated two days to transforming it back into a space to be enjoyed by all.

The team began by clearing away debris and cutting back the overgrown plants. They then thoroughly jet washed the space that was covered in moss. Attention then shifted to making the climbing equipment safe again through careful sanding. The project was wrapped up by painting the area in bright, rainbow colours, transforming it into a welcoming and safe space for children to play and explore once more.

''The team have been incredible, we can’t believe what they have managed to achieve for us – we are so truly grateful! It has been an absolute pleasure to have your guys here, the garden is so much tidier and colourful… thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing the Rainbow back to our garden.''

-Charlotte, Head of Fundraising and Communications at The Rainbow Centre.

We extend our thankyou to our dedicated team for making this transformation possible, and a bit thank you to The Rainbow Centre’s staff for their warm hospitality. We're excited about our ongoing partnership and the continued positive impact it will bring over the coming year.



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