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Why are apprentices so important to IPM?

Training is important to us and investing in training improves morale and motivation within the company our Apprenticeship scheme does just that.

Apprenticeships provide a wide range of learning opportunities. You won’t have to spend all your days studying; instead, you’ll spend the bulk of your time working. Everything boils down to doing and learning from people in your industry, we have the knowledge to share with others, so we use it effectively 

You will learn from experienced professionals on the job and will also be trained externally at a local college or specialist training organisation. You will also be set targets to ensure that you are well supported and that you are progressing at an appropriate speed. The modules you decide to study will provide you with the essential knowledge needed for your future career.
It's hands-on training that enables you to practice your skills while also boosting your confidence in the job.

There are some financial benefits too, both for the learner and IPM, as staff become better skilled, more highly qualified, more efficient, able to adopt new methods and technologies, and identify for themselves ways which their role can be performed. These improvements should lead to a stronger robust workforce to deliver a cost-efficient service to our clients. 

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