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IPM Workshops

Our corporate events allow people to carry out some practical tasks which they might not normally have the opportunity to get involved in from Meeting the Bees to Making a Holly wreath.

The events are a great way to get people from various companies on the Business Parks to interact with each other , the events are normally funded by our clients so the items that are made at the events are normally given them at no cost.

Workshop Events

Christmas Wreath Making

Come and get into the Christmas spirit and design your own festive arrangement.

Pumpkin Carving

Select your ideal pumpkin , using your own design carve a scary face , place a tee light candle and be ready to scare!

Hanging Basket Workshops

Walk into the workshop , and pickup all you need to make a basket from scratch , with some instruction now how to maintain it and care to keep it in top form for the whole season 

Meet the Bees

Come and to see our Bee-keeper in action, and see if you spot the queen. 

Seed Planting

Sow your young vegetable or flowers seeds in small containers which can be placed on a window seal or small greenhouse to give you an earlier start.

Case Study - Seed Planting Workshop

Members of the IPM Landscaping team at one of our client's sites working with their tenants hosting a seed planting workshop.

These workshops are always well attended by the business park's residents and all come away with new skills and a fully completed seed planting box, ready for the summer. The seeds in question are all seasonal vegetables from peppers, cucumbers, rocket, chilis, tomatoes along with many others.

We run these in the Spring time for our clients on their sites.

If you would like to find out more about how we can host a workshop for you and your staff or tenants, please fill in the form below and a member of the events team will be in touch.

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