Each year, IPM looks to work and support a charity either locally, nationally, or internationally. The whole company from top to bottom is encouraged to be involved whether it be a company-sponsored event or an individual challenge.


IPM Charity for 2021

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For 2021, we have decided to stick with Transform Housing & Support.

Transform help socially excluded, vulnerable and homeless people to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Who are they?

They are the largest supported housing provider in Surrey. They are a local charity dedicated to the prevention of homelessness. They provide housing, care and support to socially excluded and vulnerable people to enable them to go on and live independent and fulfilling lives.

The people they support include:


  • those who are aged 16 years and upwards

  • homeless people and those at risk of homelessness

  • people with mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependencies or physical or learning disabilities.

How do they help people with support needs?

Not only do they offer people a safe place to live but each client is allocated a Transform member of staff as a key worker to work with them to develop an individual support plan. The key workers provide stability and are dedicated to enabling each client to gain confidence, life skills, and access to education, training and employment opportunities as well as empowering them to live a happier and healthier life.

They also help via their home care services that assist people with areas of their daily life that they find difficult because of illness, disability, a crisis in their life or because of old age. They help people to live independently in their own home with a good quality of life.

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