IPM's property management services cover over 40 different areas of expertise from civil engineering, fabric, pest control, signage, and every in between. Our breadth of expertise enables us to tailor services to meet our customers' needs.


IPM's landscaping arm offers a wide range of landscaping solutions to our existing and future clients, whether it be creating attractive external spaces on a corporate park, manicuring the grounds of a hotel, or simply ensuring a safe environment in public open spaces.


Every year, snow and ice cost the UK economy up to £500 million a day due to the dangers and inaccessibility which it causes. IPM's complete offering during adverse weather keeps you and your employees safe at all times.


We provide facilities, property and landscaping services to some of the UK’s largest businesses. We work with our customers to ensure their buildings, work spaces and grounds are cleaner, safer and more efficient.


Our services touch a property’s entire life cycle and infrastructure - from planning and installing to managing and maintaining. Our breadth of expertise enables us to tailor services to meet our customer’s needs, whether they want us to manage every aspect of their portfolio or just provide selected services.



With our two ISO certifications under our belt and full members of both BALI and BIFM, our clients can rest assured that IPM knows their stuff. Safety both for ours and your staff as well as the general public is always at the forefront of our mind, and our processes and practices have earned us full accreditation from both Safe Contractor and Worksafe Contractor.


Our helpdesk operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We promise a rapid response service for all your reactive and maintenance  needs all times of the day and night. Our helpdesk co-ordinates, schedules and updates our clients on service deliver times and work-related activities.




To help our planet and those that live on it, it is important that we operate in a sustainable way to ensure there are resources available in the future.


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