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It’s Bees’ Needs Week 2024!

Did you know Bees’ Needs Week is happening now? This annual event, coordinated by Defra alongside conservation groups, businesses, and charities, raises awareness about pollinators and how we can help them thrive.


At IPM, we’re thrilled to be part of this initiative! Fun fact: we have our own in-house beekeepers!


We’ve set up bee hives at various properties to support the bee population and pollinate our clients’ surrounding landscapes. Check out Arlington Business Park, where we’ve installed hives, buzzing with activity.


Maintained by our expert beekeepers, these hives have flourished over the years. And guess what? Each Autumn, we host a honey extracting event! It’s a hands-on experience where participants get to help extract honey and learn all about our amazing little friends.


Plus, we offer a free ‘Meet the Bees’ event for the staff and tenants on the park.

Interested in having hives at your property? Our beekeeper can tell you all about the benefits! Drop us a message at


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