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Tree & Whip Planting

Throughout the winter months, the landscaping division at IPM have been undergoing replenishment planting works on our client's sites.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the correct trees, whips & shrubs are selected for each site & that it meets their financial budget.

Replenishment planting, especially of trees & hedgerows have huge benefits. As well as being attractive aesthetically, they remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, which means more clean oxygen circulation. It also rapidly slows heavy rain which reduces the risk of flooding, landslides & land erosion.

Throughout the year we will check the root ball or bare root trees & re-support as and when required should they be disturbed. Once their roots establish, the supporting posts and ties will be removed to prevent damage to the trees.

Did you know, today, annual tree harvest vs. production on a worldwide scale shows that humans cut down approximately 15 billion trees a year and re-plant about 5 billion

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