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PlasticFreeJuly: Bird Feeder

As part of our PlasticFreeJuly initiative, we will be posting ideas throughout the month on ways of recycling plastic. Today, we are looking at a bird feeder from an old plastic drinks bottle.

Required Materials

x1 large plastic bottle

x3 wooden spoons

Acrylic Paint x3 colours


Bird Seed

Funnel ( in this case I cut the top from another bottle and used this as a funnel)

Paint Brush

Hobbycraft Chenille Stem (To tie the once complete)

How to make

Take 3x wooden spoons and paint one yellow, one blue and one red using a water-resistant paint

Carefully use the scissors to cut a small hole on either side of the bottom section of the bottle. Make one hole the same size as the handle of the wooden spoon, and the other slightly larger ( so there is room for the seeds to fall onto the spoon). Repeat this process with 2x other spoons.

Push the wooden spoons through the holes, so the handle goes through the smaller hole and the spoon end is through the larger hole

Use the funnel to add the bird seeds to the bottle. Then put the lid onto the bottle

Tightly twist the chenille stem around the top of the bottle, underneath the lid. You will then be able to twist and make the loop

This process doesn’t take long and is also a great way to keep the kids entertained

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