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IPM's Christmas Charity Drive

For 2020, IPM's chosen charity of the year has been Transform, a local housing charity working with homeless people, around Surrey, Hampshire and London. Unfortunately due to COVID we were unable to run as many events as we would have liked this year, to help raise money for them, however our Xmas drive has proven to be very successful.

For this years' Christmas Appeal, instead of food, we were asked by Transform for hygiene products. Hygiene poverty is as rife as food poverty is, but doesn't get as much attention.

As such, for the last couple of weeks, we have been collecting a whole host of hygiene products, from shampoos to toothpaste, sanitary towels to deodorant. Between us, we were able to get hundreds of products which we have now donated to Transform who will distribute out amongst their clients.

A big thank you to everyone who chipped in with something to make this Christmas Appeal happen. If you still wish to help, you can donate by clicking on the JustGiving link below:

If you would like to find out more about Transform Housing, and the great work they are doing, please visit

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