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IPM Celebrates National Pollinator Week 2024!

National Pollinator Week is here, and it’s time to celebrate these tiny unsung heroes! From bees and butterflies to bats and hummingbirds, pollinators are crucial for the food we eat and the beautiful landscapes we cherish.


At IPM, we’re dedicated to enhancing natural ecosystems and biodiversity in every project we undertake and every property we maintain. We have in-house trained bee-keepers who maintain the hives across our client's properties.

Here are some initiatives we implement to support biodiversity and pollinators across our landscapes:


• No Mow May Initiatives

• Native Plant Promotion

• Invasive Species Management


With summer in full swing, check out these planting schemes IPM designed to promote pollinators and biodiversity.


Got a landscape that needs a pollinator boost? Reach out to us at


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