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Gender Pay Gap (2022/23)

IPM is pleased to publish our Gender Pay Gap report for 2022/2023. Gender equality and pay equity have been significant topics of discussion and debate in recent years, as societies worldwide aim to create more inclusive and fair workplaces. The gender pay gap is a term used to describe the difference in earnings between men and women in similar job positions or industries, highlighting the need to closely examine and address this disparity.

In our gender pay gap report, the company demonstrates remarkable progress in promoting gender representation. Notably, 25% of our workforce consists of women, with 21.05% of women occupying management roles or higher. Comparatively, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), only 17% of the UK's landscaping workforce is comprised of women. In the construction sector, this representation drops even further to a mere 11%. Against these statistics, IPM Facilities' 25% female workforce and 21.05% representation in management positions demonstrate a positive path towards enhanced gender diversity and inclusion.

These promising outcomes underscore our commitment to promoting an inclusive work environment. By sustaining our dedication to diversity and equality, we aim to maintain this momentum and further enhance our organisation.

To view our report, please click here.

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