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Fascia & Cladding Clean

One of our clients recently requested if IPM would brighten up the external areas of their buildings. We were more than happy to oblige. The objective was to uplift the appearance of all external elevations. (fascia, cladding walls). Window cleaning was not included in the original specification of the job, but due to the grime and moss that was jetted off the cladding, windows were cleaned to keep in tone with the works.


A varied amount of work, street and council permits were needed to complete these works, as well as liaising with the busy hotel regarding the timings of when IPM could start our works. This enabled the residents to get a good nights sleep.

The operatives began by erecting barriers around all plant and materials dependant on which areas they tackled first. Using towers, ladders, and harnesses our operatives began removing all the grime and moss that has accumulated over time. Heavy duty and powerful jetting machinery, along with super effective non-hazardous detergents were used to clean all these areas.


The results speak for themselves. If you would like IPM to have a look at your fascia's and cladding, get in contact and an operations manager will be happy to help

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