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Curb Appeal

In late February, IPM was approached by a potential new client requesting our assistance with a large project that they were looking to start by the end of March.

They wanted to start a refurbishment of a property located on a busy business park in Leatherhead. In order to carry out these works, they needed to set up a safe work area by using heras fencing and temporarily hoarding as the overall project is expected to last sometime.


The client requested that trees were to be removed, crown lifted or pollarded. There was established vegetation surrounding the buildings that we also were asked to quote to flail.

This job was certainly a race against time for many reasons.

We were very conscious of the time of year, with the nesting season fast approaching, we knew we needed a quick turnaround with our initial site survey, quotation and completion of works. We worked very closely with the client to ensure we did exactly this.


Once our quotation was accepted we immediately scheduled these works to begin within a few days. Our tree department worked tirelessly on this project and the client was very happy with the end results.

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