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1 Year Ago Today

On the 26th of February last year we saw the beginning of the now infamous Beast from the East. One year on and we are experiencing the hottest winter day on record!! What's going on!

Not to confuse weather with climate, as a business which is closely linked with both, we are starting to see a more permanent shift in terms of what the summer and winter periods are. Traditionally, we would judge April to September as the 'summer' months with October through March as the 'winter' months.

This paradigm, however, is changing with both April and October starting to show more long-term characteristics of traditional summer months. The knock-on effect in our industry is self-evident. We are now having to ensure planting is done earlier in the year, more scheduled visits are planned for longer periods and with cold snaps hitting the UK almost without warning, we are monitoring Met Office data more closely than ever before.

All this means we can better prepare and deliver on our promises to our clients no matter what mother nature chucks at us. Our ability to handle last years cold snap and then the extra-ordinary summer demonstrates IPM’s ability to adapt to change and ensure our clients sites are kept to the highest standard through thick and thin.

If you would like to find out more about how IPM could help ensure your estates are kept to the highest standard, then give us a shout.

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