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Weight Loss Challenge

Over Christmas, one of our Operations Managers and our Business Manager both overindulged on the turkey, and as such they set themselves a challenge to lose the festive weight by the 1st of February. However, both being Arsenal fans, they thought they would spice up the challenge by having a bet; with the loser having to buy their own personalised Tottenham shirt!!!

Well, it didn't exactly go to plan for Joey, one of our Landscape Operation Managers. The call of pizza and midnight snacking was too strong! Even with an impressive stone lost in the two and half weeks, it wasn't enough to stave off the Spurs shirt.

In addition to the shirt, he also donated £100 to charity and bought the victor a steak lunch, all part of the bet.

Joey commented, "Remind me never to bet against our Business Manager, again".

The shirt now lives proudly on the back of his chair at the office.

Naturally, he has taken a lot of stick from his friends, especially those on Facebook where he begrudgingly posted the picture.

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