Our helpdesk operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We promise a rapid response service for all your reactive and maintenance needs all times of the day and night. Our helpdesk co-ordinates, schedules and updates our clients on service delivery times and work-related activities.

It provides full support for our busy operations teams as well as our clients.  All contractual and reactive works are issued with a unique IPM  number and all related information, services, reports etc are quickly identified and constantly tracked and updated.


The IPM Helpdesk is what puts IPM on the map. This dedicated team of professionals helps our clients 24/7 to ensure their properties and estates and clean, safe, and in top condition. Dedicated to each client our teams will offer round-the-clock support in a manner that befits your culture and values.

The IPM Helpdesk also acts as your personal assistant; they log the jobs you raise, dispatch those jobs to our service teams and management, and track their progress from initial attendance to completion.

Debbie Warren

Head of Helpdesk


PPM Planning & Reporting

All PPM jobs are tracked by our helpdesk to ensure tasks are completed on time and providing comprehensive audit trails that means everyone stays informed.

By contacting our Helpdesk, IPM will track the job to ensure it is allocated to the right service department and management team. Each job will then be monitored from start to completion by the IPM Helpdesk on your behalf and will update you when the works are complete


Reactive Jobs



All quotes are provided with a unique number and completed quotes are then submitted back to you for confirmation. Our service departments can provide multiple options when responding to a single quote, which means you always get the right specification for the works you requested. Every job is linked to the original quote, to provide full visibility of the audit trail.


Sometimes, things just can’t wait. Maybe due to leaking pipework, blocked toilets, storm damage, or even broken locks and access points. This is why we have dedicated rapid response teams up and down the country who are on call every day of the year. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that if something drastic happens, IPM will be on hand quickly & effectively to solve the problem.