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Some feel good news, during lockdown

Last week Ian Millward, our Head Groundsman at one of our static sites in Theale found a racing pigeon getting attacked by 4 magpies and rescued it . After finding the owner's phone number from the birds wing tag he gave him a call . He was 90 years old and from Oxford; he told Ian his life story and the war and how his wife died 20 years ago and all he had left were his pigeons. That pigeon was let off from Truro, two weeks before in high winds and didn't make it home. He didn't think it would survive the night so they agreed Ian would try and look after it.

After feeding it some porridge Ian had and giving it plenty of water he was ready to fly home two days later. The owner said if he threw it up it would fly home but after a little lap of the work yard it flew back to Ian instead! After speaking again with the owner, he explained it was because Ian was feeding it and it felt safe there so Ian offered to drive the bird home for him. The owner was so happy to get his bird back and for everything Ian did looking after it.

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