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NEW Fundraising appeal for Transform Housing & Support

Earlier this year IPM teamed up with Transform Housing & Support as our charity of the year.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 our fundraising efforts have come to a grinding halt.

With the normal way of fundraising not being possible for the foreseeable future, Transform have launched a new fundraising campaign that IPM will be joining.

Our online campaign – how we would like people to get involved

We would like individuals, or families, to create a simple sign (it doesn’t have to be a cardboard) and then take a photo of themselves sitting or standing in front of the door to their house or office (like those shown below) and post it on their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin) with the following message:

Only the width of a door stands between me and my bed, bath, cooker and TV – or being homeless. I’ve taken a photo in front of my door and donated to @transformhs’s #door2home campaign because #homelessness is closer than you think.

At the same time we ask that they donate either £5, £10, £15, or £20+ to an online giving page, linked in the signature of my email.

We would like to encourage you all to join in with this campaign and share our donation page with your friends and family.

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