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More COVID Secure Sites

The changes caused by the Covid pandemic to working life have been significant. Now a necessary service to our clients to help make the workplace safer and make sure everyone is aware of the necessary steps to be taken within working buildings.

Without exception clients have utilised the best expertise in fulfilling their aims to protect the employee as far as possible. IPM has been able to provide free standing and portable hand sanitisers in key areas; to provide safety screens in reception and public interface areas; to provide the necessary signage for safe distancing and one way foot traffic in corridors and on stairways; to help reconfigure and provide signage for washrooms and other facilities.

The process has been replicated in many prestigious client facilities and in conjunction with specialist suppliers now has experience and many examples of implementations to our client's specifications and satisfaction.

As previously stated this type of project has been an unfortunate and unprecedented requirement but anything that helps make the workplace safer and protects employees is of paramount importance and IPM is able to work with clients new and existing to provide these facilities.

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