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Men’s Health Week: Celebrating Grounds and Building Maintenance

IPM Facilities have been celebrating Men's Health Week this week.

From June 10th to 16th, Men’s Health Week is celebrated globally. This week is crucial for addressing the unique health challenges men face. We join the global effort to raise awareness and encourage our male colleagues to prioritize their well-being.

We are fortunate to work in a sector with such a diverse range of services. These services make a positive impact on the public who encounter our work and on our employees who undertake the tasks.

During Men’s Health Week, let’s reflect on our health habits and consider how we can support our well-being. Whether it’s making healthier food choices, incorporating physical activity into our routines, or scheduling regular check-ups, simple steps can lead to significant improvements in our health.


The Impact of Maintenance

Grounds and building maintenance are vital for our health. These workers ensure clean, green, and safe environments, benefiting both physical and mental health.


Physical Benefits:

Tasks like landscaping and repairs keep workers active, improving cardiovascular health and strength.


Mental Benefits:

The sense of accomplishment and community interaction boost mental well-being.


Wellness in the Workplace

Often, men’s health is overlooked in the workplace. This week, let’s reflect on our health habits and make positive changes. Small steps like healthier eating, regular exercise, and routine check-ups can greatly improve well-being.


Together, let’s create a supportive environment where men feel empowered to prioritize their health.


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