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Making a Difference

IPM Facilities have recently had the pleasure of carrying out some works for our chosen charity of the year, the Rosemary Foundation.

Our team met with Operations Manager Nikki, to discuss some items that had historically caused issues how we could assist in rectifying them.

Firstly, it was identified that a toilet that had been leaking, we got our team on it and had this sorted within a few days to ensure the leak was no more.

Moving outside, the roller shutter at the entrance to the car park had been failing for some time, is was causing a lot of security and access issues for the residents and nurses attending. IPM have surveyed and scheduled a complete major service to be completed.

When looking at the car park we found a drain that was damaged, on further inspection the manhole cover had failed. This was causing a number of health and safety concerns as not only was it presenting a trip hazard, it was also found that the support structure underneath was in such a poor state, there was a risk of it collapsing completely as a result of constant contact from vehicles.

We began by making the area safe with barriers and cones. Our team then attended and removed the failed cover, the support block work was replaced and a new concrete surround was added along with a new manhole cover to deal with the daily traffic of vehicles. The last task was adding a new tarmac surround in order for an aesthetic and level finish.

IPM facilities were pleased to able to help and will continue to work with Nikki and the team at The Rosemary Foundation to assist with their issues offering advice and guidance along the way.

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