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Landscape Works Contract Win

Recently we won the landscape contract on a site which had just completed the refurbishment of the corporate building.

The original idea was to seed the main lawn but due to COVID-19 we weren't in a position to seed as it wouldn’t have taken in time for occupation. Throughout the process we supplied 6 lorries worth of certified topsoil which needed to be tested on site while we were landscaping. The groundworkers assisted the team by getting the topsoil to most of the areas required and spread with a digger. The only time this became more difficult was by the decking area as lots of trades were trying to finish of their works and there was only access for a small dumper to get relatively close to the planting beds. The team had to then barrow and spread the soil to the beds where the digger and dumper couldn’t get to.

Once all areas had been prepared then the turf started to go down, over 800m turf was laid in 2 days in the heat along with watering to make sure it all stayed alive. Once the turf had gone down, the remaining planting went smoothly and all small issues was resolved by the team on site with the different trades working together to reach the final goal.

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