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IWFM partners with tech giant to explore opportunities from smart workplaces

From IWFM:

(IWFM) We have begun a research and development collaboration with Microsoft to explore a shared vision for the role of technology in high performing workplaces. A new programme themed around connected and smart workplaces will see IWFM and Microsoft collaborate on new research that could influence workplace performance.

Advancements such as the Internet of Things, AI and big data, combined with existing technologies such as building information modelling, analytics and workplace design can contribute to improved building and business outcomes. Exploring the theme of workplace transformation in the technological age, the partners will jointly introduce new research to equip workplace and business leaders with tools and insights that could to transform their organisations into connected high performers.

Research we published last year, Embracing Technology to move FM forward explored the disruption and opportunities presented by technology and highlighted the opportunity cost of missing out on the digital upgrade. It suggested that the opportunities to be derived from creatively combining existing and new technologies to support better outcomes leave workplace professionals well placed to help businesses to stay competitive and efficient.

Our collaboration with Microsoft across this research builds on the challenges identified by that earlier research and will help organisations to create connected and successful workplaces. The alliance will combine the know-how of IWFM’s industry experts with the cutting-edge capability of Microsoft’s Smart Buildings team to explore the opportunities and challenges facing technology and workplace development. The programme will generate further insights to help individuals and organisations understand and navigate the technology and experience matters which can combine to create people centred workplaces capable of driving better outcomes.

Chris Moriarty, IWFM’s Director of Insight and Engagement said: “We are taking, shaping and making future-ready the workplace technology conversation so its relevant to today’s businesses environment. The collaboration with Microsoft Smart Buildings team will harness our rich knowledge and resources to offer workplace optimising insights for the future, building on IWFM’s established research base. Working with Microsoft will not only speed that up, it can help us to understand the innovation most relevant for workplace leaders whose businesses will need a tech transformation to compete effectively”.

David Williams, Innovation Architect - Microsoft Digital, Smart Buildings Worldwide Community Lead said: “Technology innovation is a gamechanger to drive new models and transform today’s businesses and workplaces. Working with IWFM, we have a unique opportunity to increase awareness of technology within the workplace. This partnership will enable us to empower workplace leaders to elevate the workplace conversation to senior levels and do more with the technology and innovation available.

Kari Allen, Head of Partnerships at b2b partnerships Ltd, who led the development of IWFM’s collaboration with Microsoft, said “This collaboration presents an exciting opportunity to jointly produce market leading research and insights that are unique and impactful. This collaboration boosts both IWFM and Microsoft’s aspiration to inspire and equip workplace and business leaders to transform their workplaces today into high performing organisations for the future”.

The programme collaboration will be launched during Workplace Week on 14 November 2019 with an industry event, with ongoing research, insights and guidance content being shared throughout 2020.

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