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Installation of Defibrillators

One of our clients recently requested if IPM would be able to provide their internal office areas with Health & Safety compliant Defibrillators. With recent events during the Euro football tournament and as a lot of our staff have recently been on First Aid training courses, we understood the importance of having Defibrillators on-site, that are easy to use, but also very effective if ever needed.

We have rolled out semi-automatic defibrillators that are stored in an alarmed cabinet that can be easily accessed and seen, whilst keeping in tune with the décor of the office space. These can be supplied and installed to internal office areas, as well as external areas such as Industrial Estates and Retail Parks, helping our clients be compliant and all staff and public safe on-site should anything terrible happen.

These devices and cabinets were shipped to our resident handyman who took delivery of them and made sure that all items arrived safe and in excellent conditions.

Our handyman attended each specified area and safely closed off each area and proceeded to install the cabinets to a walled area. Once these were secure and safe, our handyman placed the defibrillator inside the cabinet and closed the door.

Our client was happy with the positioning and locations of these devices and felt reassured that their office areas are now Health and Safety compliant, should an event occur where a defibrillator would be needed.


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