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Getting to know IPM - Katie Ward

This month, we caught up with Katie, one of our helpdesk agents, based at our head office in Bordon. We gave her 20 questions and an hour to have a think and revert to us with her answers.

Each month we will be putting these or a similar set of questions to another member of the IPM team, giving you a little more insight into the people that make up IPM.

How long have you been working with IPM?

3 years

What do you do at IPM?

Helpdesk coordinator on the fabrics team

Describe yourself in one word?


Any pets?


Favourite film?

10 Things I Hate About You

Which actor plays you in your biopic?

Anne Hathaway (in my dreams)

Biggest phobia?

Snakes - was once chased down a driveway by a housemate carrying one

If you were an animal, what would you be?


What do you like most about your job?

The varied role, no two days are the same

You can go back in time, where do you go first?

The 60s, the fashion is brilliant

Any superstitions?

I never walk on cracks in the pavement

What is the strangest fact you know?

peoples used to say 'Prunes' instead of 'Cheese' when having their picture taken

3 Dinner Party guests (dead, alive, or fictional)?

James Acaster, Dolly Parton, Dawn French

Favourite movie quote?

Borat - "Wow Wow We Wow"

Last book you read?

Bridgerton - An Offer From A Gentleman

Dream holiday?

Banff, Canada - The pandemic cancelled my dream tip in 2020

Something about you that none of your colleagues knows?

Probably not much, I talk alot

You have one superpower, what and why?

Teleportation - to visit friends/family whenever I wanted

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully starting a family

Finally, you Desert Island disc, book and a luxury item?

Jorja Smith - Lost & Found, Any of the Harry Potter books, SPF50!

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