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Gate Repairs

At one of our clients sites in Kent during the lock-down period there was incident involving a car and the site entrance barrier. Thankfully nobody was hurt, however there was extensive damage to both the car and barrier. Our client asked us to attend to see if we could re-install the existing barrier, however due to the severe damaged this was not possible.

We initially made the area safe and secure by removing the existing barrier and infilling the post holes temporarily to take away any potential trip hazard. We were then asked to supply a like for like barrier. This was very challenging during this period as many suppliers were closed for business until further notice. We then decided the next step would be for our metal fabrication team to design and make it. As you see from the below pictures we have now installed a brand new barrier, meaning security is no longer an issue onsite.

We take reactive works very seriously, due to the health and safety implications usually involved. As such, we have dedicated reactive teams across the UK for such eventualities. If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in contact with us.

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