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Congratulations Shanique!

To celebrate National Safety Month...


We are pleased and proud to announce that Shanique Joseph our Health & Safety Officer recently completing her Level 6 Occupational Health and Safety Practices Certification.


This is a significant achievement, showcasing her expertise and dedication to promoting safety in ours and our Client’s workplace.


The commitment Shanique has shown in order to advance her knowledge and skills in this critical area demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring the well-being of IPM facilities employees, clients and subcontractors.


Our COO Neil Fleming commented, “Firstly I would like to congratulate Shanique. With this accomplishment she will be equipped to tackle complex challenges and contribute even more effectively to creating safer work environments for everyone at IPM Facilities and all our stakeholders too. At IPM Facilities we are always striving to make the work place a safer place”.


Congratulations Shanique from all of us here at IPM Facilities.

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