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Celebrating Success

IPM Facilities, has recently undergone a comprehensive audit by the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI).

As an established and now net zero business, IPM Facilities continues to lead the way, with Grounds Maintenance establishing around 50% of our revenue. The audit findings underscore our commitment to maintaining a strong efficient operational structure that combines traditional expertise with modern technological innovations.

Digital Transformation at the Core

The audit highlights IPM's strong reliance on technology, with most processes being digitally based. This digital transformation has not only enhanced the robustness and user-friendliness of systems but also driven continuous improvement across all operations. Our CRM system, in particular, received notable praise for ensuring a positive customer experience and maintaining high compliance standards.

Policy and Compliance: A Pillar of IPM's Success

At the heart of IPM's operation is a set of policies, accessible to all through a shared drive and various digital platforms. These policies are actively employed and reviewed, ensuring that IPM remains at the forefront of industry best practices. The audit particularly commended the clear, wide-ranging nature of these policies and their role in guiding both staff and operations.

Staff Training and Development: Investing in People

A key element of IPM's success is its investment in staff training and development. Managed through I Protect U, the training program includes a mix of video-based and externally delivered training, covering everything from terms and conditions of employment to attendance.

Safety and Quality: Non-Negotiable Standards

Safety, a paramount concern in the facilities management industry, is handled with utmost seriousness at IPM. High-quality safety information is readily available to all staff via a digital platform, ensuring that everyone is well-informed and equipped to work safely.


The BALI audit's site visit provided a glimpse into the practical application of these policies and practices. The site, despite recent adverse weather conditions, was maintained to a high standard, reflecting the team's deep industry knowledge and commitment to landscape management.

A Future-Proofed Approach

With no non-conformance reports (NCRs), observations, or actions required, the audit findings are a testament to IPM Facilities' exemplary standards. The company continues to set a benchmark in the industry, demonstrating how embracing technology, prioritising continuous improvement, and investing in people can lead to outstanding results.


As IPM Facilities progresses, it serves as a shining example of sustainability within the facilities management industry, consistently aiming to exceed anticipations and provide unmatched service.

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