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Bee keeping day at Arlington Business Park, Theale

This week, IPM in partnership with Ian Duddle, the Secretary of the Reading Bee Keepers Association, put on two introduction sessions for the tenants of one of our sites, The Arlington Business Park in Theale.

The site houses multiple hives where each year in October, the honey is harvested and is then sold at the business park's cafe, and we are looking at installing additional hives, later this year.

The event itself gave the staff of the business park a rare look inside a hive to see how the bee's structure their nests, the different types of products the bee's make from honey to royal jelly, and insight into the differing roles the bees have in each colony.

Unfortunately, we were not able to locate the queen bee on this occasion, but amongst 60,000 bees, it was a tall order.

All the feedback from those who participated was great, and nobody got stung! We will be looking at running similar events both at Arlington Business Park and other sites we manage in the future.

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