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Award winning landscape architect joins IPM Facilities

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Joshua Noakes as he joins IPM Facilities to provide landscape architecture and consultancy services.

With several years of experience in an award-winning design studio, Joshua is well-equipped to apply his expertise in landscape architecture and soft landscape design and provide our clients with a high-end design service.

Joshua has already been actively collaborating with our landscape managers and clients, producing intricate technical drawings and specifications for a variety of sites throughout the country. We look forward to sharing these completed schemes with you soon.

Joshua commented: “I’m delighted to have joined the team at IPM Facilities. As a landscape architect and designer, my aim is not only to provide high-quality designs for our clients but to also navigate the challenges of an increasingly unpredictable climate. Our focus here at IPM is on bolstering biodiversity and promoting sustainability across all our landscape portfolios. We are dedicated to fortifying our grounds maintenance portfolio with a vision to cultivate more environmentally conscious and resilient landscapes”.

John House, Head of Landscape at IPM Facilities added “We are delighted Joshua has joined our landscape team and we are confident that he will leave a significant and enduring impact on our clients’ landscapes and eagerly anticipate the exciting journey ahead”.

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