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Are You Prepared for the Summer?

With summer finally just around the corner, is your property ready to shine? As the warmer weather approaches, it’s crucial to ensure both your grounds and buildings are in tip top shape. Here are some essential tips to get your property summer-ready:

Building Maintenance:

  • Check Your Air Conditioning: Ensure your A/C units are working efficiently to keep interiors cool.

  • Inspect Your Water / Drainage Pipes: Prevent any leaks or bursts by conducting a thorough check-up.

  • Brise Soleil: Make sure your brise soleil is in tip top shape to regulate the amount of sunlight and solar heat entering your building.

  • Clean Your Windows: Sparkling windows make your building look its best.

Grounds Maintenance:

  • Lawn Care: Maintain a lush, green lawn by scheduling regular mowing and producing short clippings that are best left on the lawn during hot weather to act as a moisture-retentive mulch.

  • Irrigation Systems: Inspect and repair any issues to keep your landscape hydrated and healthy.

  • General maintenance : Mulching borders can help retain moisture, and keep down the weeds - this will save a lot of work. A really thick layer of mulch (5-7.5cm / 2-3in all over) works best.

  • Tree and Shrub Pruning: Trim back overgrown branches and shape shrubs to promote healthy growth and enhance the overall appearance of your grounds.

Need Assistance? Contact IPM to ensure your property or portfolio is fully prepared for the summer. Let us handle the details so you can enjoy the sunshine without worry! Get in touch today!

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