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Above and Beyond

James, one our Landscape Operations Manager's has once again done the company proud, by going above and beyond for one of our clients; helping them in a difficult situation and seeing it through to ensure a positive outcome.

This was the thank you letting which was sent to our Managing Director, from a local resident who was impacted by this:

Here is the background and some context

Livingstone Park also known as Horton Hospital is a site that we carry out the landscape maintenance on behalf of Greenbelt. The Livingstone site comprises of residential dwelling’s and vast area of public an open space area which the community of Epsom use for leisure. During August an incident occurred ,working closely with Greenbelt and being the agent on their behalf, together we worked as a team with the local authority and the police to resolve the situation . This was a very challenging period for the residents, myself and Greenbelt. The incident happened not once but twice over a very short period . My role within this working closely with Greenbelt was organising the clean up from both areas and ensuring that the site was secure. A local Resident worked closely with me to help distressed residents stay in tune with developments as and when they were happening.

With the help of contractors we were able to meet the objective of having the site cleaned for the local residents children’s first day back at school. The clean up was carried out very professionally and not one area was missed on such a large site. We had grab lorries onsite removing fly tipping and a dedicated team sterilising the site. We are now concentrating on securing the site further with bollards which will be carried out by IPM.

Mounds are now being installed to prevent any further incidents which will be top soiled and seeded. We will be looking to install some wild flower to one location as there is an environmental plan already in place within the site. I believe although this has been a difficult period, we can utilise the changes onsite to have a positive impact on the environment.

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