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A Frosty Reception!

We were approached by a tenant within one of our client’s buildings and asked if we were able to supply internal window frosting. IPM were more than happy to assist with this enquiry.

The journey started with IPM providing the client with some custom cut frosting samples, these were applied to the windows and the client then picked their preference. Once this had been decided, the process of custom making enough window frosting to cover 52 internal windows began. Health and Safety was always adhered to, setting up a safe area of works and enough space for our engineers to complete their tasks. Also, ensuring that the bustling office was not disturbed too much, and the tenants could complete their normal day to day tasks.


A project of this magnitude takes around 3-4 days to complete, as all aspects of the works are very intricate and precise. Once the the frosting is sprayed, the engineers have a matter of minutes to carefully lay on to the window and line up against all the frames around the window. It is then meticulously smoothed over on every part, releasing any air bubbles/pockets, to ensure a smooth finish. The method is repeated until all windows are covered, they have a different gradient on both levels as the frosting has an opaquer view towards the bottom, that gradually disappears in to clear further to the top of the window. This enables enough natural light to still shine through to all angles of the office from the glassed roof area.


Safe to say IPM did not receive a frosty reception, as the client and tenants were overjoyed with the work that had taken place.

If you are interested in receiving a quote from us, please get in contact our helpdesk who will be more than happy to help.

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