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Year Round Colour

During November we was tasked with revamping a number of areas around the office blocks at one of our clients sites near Reading.

Areas that looked tired, or had little amount of colour throughout the year were chosen for enhancement in various points of the site. We decided to remove all old/dead shrubs, turn over the soil so it was aerated for the new shrub roots to take, and we mixed in mushroom organic compost. The planting scheme was made up of various shrub heights for variety, and we also decided to work with the site maintenance team to decide shrubs that would flower during various seasons along with evergreen shrubs for the winter period.

This stemmed from Daffodils to Alliums in the spring, Nepeta to Dicentra during the summer and Agapanthus to Nerine for the autumn colour. We feel that we got the balance just right as shown in the pictures below with more colour to come throughout 2021.

There was an area along the side of the road leading to the Café that had board edging which started to twist and rot away. The decision was taken to create a long term solution, by using concrete edging and stone to keep the edge of the road tidy and harder to damage if vehicles went onto the curb.

The most challenging aspect of the work was the constant curves and no straight lines. The team needed to make sure they were the same distance off the curb and the same height all the way along. As the picture shows the result came out extremely well.

If you would like to find out how IPM can give your site a lease of new life, then drop us a line, and an Operations Manager will be more than happy to help

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