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Tenant Allotments

In early 2020 we were asked by one our clients based in Bracknell whether we would be able to design and build an allotment area for their tenants. We have undertaken many jobs like this in the past and were very keen to be involved in this project. After several meetings with our client, we listened to their wishes and put a plan together.

The main aim of this project was to build a allotment area, where tenants could get together and grow fresh herbs & vegetables. We planted a variety of fresh herbs to get them going, leaving some bare areas for them to plant themselves. We provided several packs of vegetable seeds with guidance of the best time to sow. Unfortunately since then many of the tenants have been working from home during lockdown, however the planters have been kept neat and tidy we are informed.

We hope the tenants will reap the benefits of the new allotments and should this be a success at the business park, there is plenty of room to expand for more sleeper built planters.

We very much look forward to re-visiting the park when it is safe to do so and seeing the developments

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