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School Landscaping Works

We were recently tasked with landscaping several areas for our Client at Edgbarrow School in Crowthorne with the view to have it all completed by the time schools returned.

As part of the planting permission, the main courtyard had to have wildflowers with flowering shrubs around the outside. The shrubs and mulch went in just before the school holidays started and the build came to an end. With the help of the school and our client who kept the shrubs watered regularly, they all thrived and are doing well.

At the time, wildflower turf was agreed as the best, most instant impact, but due to turf only being available at certain times of the year, we missed the chance in spring as the site wasn’t ready. Unfortunately, the turf supplier was unable to get enough wildflower turf in by the end of August, so with some quick thinking, we agreed to install 3000 wildflower plugs and 5kg of wildflower seed over the area. With 3 guys the team pushed on and installed all plugs within a day all by hand. Along with preparing several places for seed and turf.

The works went down well with the school and the client as we carried out all the works before the school kids returned from their summer holidays.

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