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Pond & Ditch Clearance

One of our clients recently requested our help to solve the problem of flooding on their site, especially within the car park.

The purpose of the works was to remove vegetation and silt from all ditches and the 2 ponds to enable the SUDS system to operate at full capacity without flooding the offices/car parks. The ditches and ponds were excavated using the mechanical plant to lower the level beneath all incoming and outgoing pipes. The culverts and gullies were also cleared of all silt.

Operatives began by erecting barrier fencing on road pins around the works area. Operatives then investigated the services on-site prior to starting any excavations. The area was CAT scanned and any identified services were marked on the ground using line marker spray. Manholes in the immediate area were lifted to provide further insight into the depth and approximate location of other services.

Prior to entering the pond with machinery operatives cleared as much standing water as possible using submersible pumps. Once clear operatives used the excavators to clear the vegetation and silt from both ponds and approximately 100m of ditches to a sufficient depth beneath inlets. Arisings were loaded into dumpers and transported to an agreed stockpile area.

By doing so, this has now allowed the pond and its over runs to be able to fully handle excessive rain full and will no longer flood our clients site.

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