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PlasticFreeJuly: Planter

Throughout July we will be publishing ideas on ways to upcycle plastics to help give them a second life. Today, we show you how to make a planter from an old shop mannequin

Items needed

  • 1x old shop mannequin.

  • Cordless jigsaw.

  • Silver birch Cuprinol external paint.

  • 2inch paint brush

  • Potting soil.

  • Strawberry plant.

How this was made.

  • Firstly remove fixings from the mannequin.

  • Carefully cut large enough hole for the plant in the top.

  • Apply two coats of silver birch external paint.

  • Leave for a couple of hours to dry.

  • Cut drainage hole in the bottom.

  • Once dry fill with potting soil.

  • Plant strawberry plant and water.

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