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IPM Installs a living art piece for a client

This week, IPM designed, built and installed a living art piece for a client.

The willow arches were put in by IPM's Landscaping team in time for the Spring, and over the coming months as it grows, will create a beautiful feature on the grounds of our client. This walkthrough living willow arch is a unique piece which really brings the whole site together. By the summer and once in full bloom, this project will take on a life of its own and will be a focal point on the estate.

This is something new for IPM, having never created a piece like this before and was met with glowing praise from the client and the site's occupants.

James Leatherby, who headed up the project for IPM said, "This was an exciting project for IPM, having not done something like this before. Our client put their trust in us to devise and execute this project and are very happy with the result. I look forward to seeing this in the summer once it has grown".

IPM continue to go beyond expectation and really deliver for clients both in terms of creativity and in delivery.

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