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IPM Facilities and Men in Sheds Collaborate for Mental Health and Biodiversity

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, IPM Facilities is proud to have partnered with the men's support group 'Men In Sheds' to create a unique handmade bug hotel, as requested by one of our clients in London.

A bug hotel is a purpose-built shelter constructed from wood and recycled materials, intended to support various types of minibeasts and insects, including ladybirds, bees, spiders, and woodlice. Within this custom bug haven, minibeasts discover refuge and safety, using it as a sanctuary for nesting, raising their offspring, and escaping predators. It serves as evidence of our dedication to promoting biodiversity and establishing sustainable ecosystems within urban environments.

Men in Sheds work alongside some of the most disadvantaged individuals in Medway and Kent, empowering them with new skills and a sense of purpose beyond their challenges. By fostering community and shared projects, they combat loneliness, stress, and social exclusion, offering a sanctuary of empowerment and belonging. This is achieved by involving volunteers in various projects, often centred around hands-on carpentry. All proceeds are reinvested into the charity to acquire new tools and equipment for their use.

IPM is proud, that by working alongside Charities and organisations such as Men in Sheds. We are having a positive impact not only on people's social and mental well-being but also in helping create sustainable habitats that improve the biodiversity on the sites we maintain and manage.

For more information on the remarkable work of Men in Sheds, please visit: Medway Men in Sheds – Sunlight Development Trust (

We look forward to collaborating with Men in Sheds and other social improvement organisations on our future projects.

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