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Going The Extra Mile Winners

After reviewing the recent nominations, we are pleased to announce that the latest winners are Debbie Warren, George Lyons and Ashley Iggulden.

Debbie regularly provides extra support to the Helpdesk when others are taking holiday, works with accounts on providing advice regarding new client billing addresses and is essential for many of our contractors who she works with.

George has recently taken on the role of Supervisor at one of our static sites and has had a tough act to follow from the previous Supervisor. He has taken this role very seriously with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. George keeps our client updated on exactly what works are being carried out each week. George’s forward planning and attention to detail is a credit to him and IPM.

Ashley has gone above and beyond since he started with IPM. Ashley inherited one of the hardest to manage sites in our portfolio. Ashley has worked tirelessly to turn this around the site is now the cleanest and best-presented site we manage.

Congratulations to all three of our dedicated employees!

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