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End of an era

After almost a decade of service to IPM, and having become “part of the furniture”, our head of HR/Compliance/HSE/ISO, Alice Hithersay, has decided the time has come to put her feet up!

She joined IPM when it was little more than a handful of people and has helped see it grow to over 100 employees!

During her time with IPM, she took on multiple roles, starting off as an office administrator and ending up as Head of Compliance. When IPM decided to instigate ISO and improve our business processes and procedures, Alice stepped up to the challenge and added this her many duties.

As IPM continued to grown and other departments expanded in terms of personnel and workload, Alice continued to maintain the equilibrium in her department.

Alice has worked diligently and tirelessly in our compliance department and will certainly leave a legacy which few us will ever achieve.

Looking forward, we wish her all the best with whatever she decides to do, and her input will be missed by all here at IPM.

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