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Case Study - Flooded Restaurant

In February we received notification of a water leak that was flooding from our client’s restaurant down into the lower basement.

Due to the nature of the emergency we sent one of our engineers to attend site and carry out an emergency investigation.

We spoke with the FM on site to make the best arrangements for access and cause minimal disruption to the restaurant. We had to ensure that everything on site stayed operational as well as ensuring the safety to the public, staff and work force.

We came to the agreement that we would have a team of experienced engineers attend the following day to start the repair. During this time a section of the restaurant could be closed off and alternative seating could be planned for, we also had time to plan for emergency procedures in case of likely flooding.

Our engineers attended and began to set out the safe system of work on site. Throughout, we ensured that there was no risk to the public by enclosing the area with signs and barriers. We used plastic sheeting to guarantee no contaminants could pass from the work area into the seating area ensuring it was always contained. We declined the use of disc cutters to reduce any risk of air born silica dust and allow the public to still sit at tables nearby in designated areas. Any dust that was created from cutting wood from the floor was vacuumed to reduce to a minimum and carried out prior to the restaurant opening. Our engineers began to remove the wood flooring and exposed a concrete base below.

We then began the excavation to remove the concrete slab to expose the ground below, we broke through the existing concrete scar from the previous repair and exposed the compacted hardcore base. Initially we had advised to take the hardcore to an exterior location as to not over crowed the working area however on this occasion the FM requested, we kept it within our working zone.

As we begun to excavate deeper into the ground, we found the water beginning to appear and the subbase becoming increasingly wetter. We had previously noted and informed our engineers that there was a foul drain next to the working area for emergency over pumping should it be required.

At this stage our engineers had excavated around 1.0m to 1.2m in depth and exposed the damaged section of 54mm copper water pipe. The water was increasing and filling the hole at a fast rate, we set up the pump and begun to over pump the water into the chamber nearby.

Due to the location and nature of the burst we were unable to repair the 15mm capped section. We needed to remove the entire joint and install a section of 54mm rail. To carry this out we had to leave site and reattend when the restaurants closed. We reattended after 11pm, turned off the water that supplied five locations and began to remove the failed section of pipe.

The pipe had been soldered and wrapped in tape, so we had to remove this and clean the pipe ready for connection. We removed approx. 14inches of the water main, removing the T section entirely. We then installed a bypass continuous section using two couplings and a section of 54mm copper.

Once the section had been replaced the water was then turned back on to full capacity. We tested the system and left it exposed until we returned on the 8th February.

Our crew returned the following day and ensured that the leak had been resolved. Once happy that all had been tested and completed and the FM was aware, we began to reinstate the ground. The pipe was encased with soft sand and a concrete pad installed over the top. We began to reinstate the hardcore sub-base and compacted it in layers. We reinstated the concrete slab and wood flooring.

All waste and left over hardcore was removed from site and disposed of accordingly. The site FM was contacted, we explained the job had been completed. The site FM was happy with the finish and advised he would arrange for a clean-up team to do a final deep clean prior to opening the area to the public.

The job is now complete and in full working order.

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