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A Day of Giving Back!

Earlier this week, IPM Facilities and MAPP joined forces for a wholesome day of charity volunteering work. This collaboration saw both organisations come together to donate their precious working hours to the preservation of the historic Basingstoke Canal.

Basingstoke Canal & Heritage:

The Basingstoke Canal is a 32-mile-long waterway extending from Basingstoke to the West Byfleet. More than just a historic waterway, the canal, surrounded by extensive acres of scenic green space, is still actively used by boaters. The canal also serves as a haven for our precious wildlife.

A Day of Restoration and Preservation:

IPM and MAPP combined their efforts to breathe new life into one of the canal’s historic pump houses. This vital piece of the canal’s infrastructure ensures its continued operation and accessibility to boaters, preserving this invaluable waterway for generations to come.

But that’s not all! Our dedicated teams also undertook the noble task of cutting back the overgrown vegetation along the canal’s lush banks. Their hard work not only restores the picturesque beauty of the canal but also enhances the surrounding ecosystem for the local wildlife.

We are immensely proud to have taken part. Thank you to all the volunteers who lent their time, energy, and enthusiasm to a great cause!

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