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A Blooming Success

Spring is in full swing and IPM have recently hosted a number of hanging basket events for our clients at Arlington Business Park and The Atrium at Uxbridge. The events were hosted by two of our green-fingered Operations Managers Fraser and Jay and ably assisted by George, head gardener at Arlington Business Park.

As well as being a fun event we also want to educate attendees about the various types of plants that are suitable for hanging baskets, how to care for them, and how to prevent common pest problems that can arise when cultivating plants.

Both events were well-received and everyone who took part appreciated the opportunity to learn about sustainable pest control and how to create beautiful and healthy hanging baskets. These events are not only great fun and educational but provide huge well-being benefits for those attending.

If you would like IPM to provide this type of workshop for your workplace please contact us at

Arlington Business Park

The Atrium, Uxbridge

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