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Upcycling for our clients

IPM was recently commissioned to replace panels and refurbish the park security office, on one of our clients' sites. The outside looked grubby and the client also wanted all the artwork and branding removed.

Instead of changing panels we refabricated/decorated and made good of what was already there. This turned out to be a far more competitive quote given to the client. No other competitor offered this. Our client was pleased he had money left in the budget to decorate internally as well.

Refurbishment of Security Park Office

We power washed the whole exterior to remove the build-up of dirt and debris. Removed faded vinyl graphics using an industrial glue remover and light sander.

We then sanded the entire building using 240 grit discs to give the new finish something to adhere/grip to. We masked all windows and doors and sprayed three coats of Exterior Zinesser “All Coat” in Satin White.

Refurbishment of Reception Desk

IPM was then asked if we could possibly bring back to life a large Reception desk in a multi-let Office. It was in poor condition. Firstly the worktops were sanded back lightly with 240 grit discs using a dustless sanding set up. Once masked we applied two costs of water-based rosewood stain followed by two coats of diamond satin lacquer using a spray system.

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