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Fly Tipping Removal

One of the biggest issues faced by our clients, particularly during quieter times due to the pandemic, is fly-tipping.


With refuse sites being harder to access during the lockdown, there are companies out there who are willing to flout the law with regards to waste disposal. If ever employing a contractor to remove the waste on your behalf, always check their credentials to ensure they have the relevant waste carriers license. These not only show a duty of care by the contractor, but it also makes them more traceable if necessary.

We were recently called upon to clear mixed waste which had been tipped at a client's premises. The waste itself can often contain hazardous materials and we, therefore, sort the waste on-site before transporting it to a licensed waste facility.

In this instance, we found a large amount of plasterboard within the waste which needs to be processed separately to general waste. This also breaks down when wet, leaving grime on the floor which needs to be cleaned. IPM and their team of cleaners used high-pressure jet washing to clean & sanitise the area, removing all traces of there having ever been an issue.


24 hour guarding has now been put in place on-site, which has so far proved successful in preventing further problems.

If your sire is suffering from flytipping and would like IPM to take care of it for you, get in contact with us, today.

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