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Decoration Upgrades

IPM Facilities have just completed re-decoration works of a significant part of the communal areas at one of our sites on behalf of a valued client. It was seen as an opportune moment to conduct this re-decoration as internal foot-fall was at a minimum and maintaining the COVID safety factors was somewhat easier because of the personnel numbers and other factors.

The stairwells, reception area and lobby were all subjected to a thorough decorative upgrade. The works could be conducted within working hours which was a major factor in reducing the overall cost whilst ensuring minimum disruption. The resultant upgrade has totally changed the look and feel of the building and will be welcoming and bright when the full complement of staff return to work.

There is a distinct possibility that other clients could benefit from this type of re-decoration effort, whilst the opportunity exists to have as little impact on day to day operations as possible The client is very pleased with the results and the look and feel of the working environment has been significantly improved.

If you would like to find out how IPM could give your site a lease of new life, then get in contact with us, today.

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