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Drainage PPM

Case Study


IPM facilities has been managing the pre-planned maintenance for several their clients to ensure smooth operations on their sites.

Many of the sites we operate on for drainage are retail parks. A solid PPM schedule is key to manage costs and be able to budget accurately. The PPM schedule must consider the following:

Seasonal conditions.
Considering the seasonal changes Is key to a strong PPM schedule. Ensuring that the leaves are cleared quickly during the autumn ensures that ACO drains, and foul water drains are not clogged up or blocked. A build up of leaves can create solid blockages later in the year if not managed effectively. Winter in the UK is unpredictable and therefore money set aside for winter projects and PPM is a necessity 

Geographical Impact
IPM facilities manage several sites in the north. These are close to disused and flooded mines which mean when we have a heavy rainfall, we can have a build up of surface water. At times the water is mixed with a sediment from the mines, these can cause further blockages and serious issues if not managed

Land Use
Many retail parks have expanded and cater for all customers including the use of fast-food outlets. This brings with it certain risks which are easily managed with a sensible PPM schedule. Grease filters and fat wastage must be managed and not disposed of incorrectly. Fast-food outlet owners have a responsibility to ensure their waste is disposed of correctly. If there are issues this can cause serious and complex issues.

Large areas of traffic and footfall mean a regular clearance of ACO drains and Petrol interceptors needs to be factored in. A healthy drainage system is always effective and efficient. 

Our operations managers have a strong knowledge in this area and can offer a clear assessment of PPM requirements for each individual site. 

The initial stage of the drainage PPM is to gather as much information of the site. A clear idea of each site allows IPM facilities to see exactly how frequent and what exactly needs to be carried out annually. Sometime insurance companies also request that a minimum number of visits are carried out annually. 

IPM facilities will ensured we have a plan of each site showing as accurately as possible he location of each piece of drainage, foul water drain, petrol interceptor, and pump equipment (There are many more) Each piece of equipment is given its own code and we can track its maintenance and report to our client. This is also useful for any future claims on insurance.

Each PPM visit generates a report which is passed to our client. This shows the following:

Time and Equipment used on site
Depending on the size of the site means we use different equipment, some sites are very straightforward whilst others need more detailed and precision work.


Scope of works
We will highlight exactly what works have been carried out on site and which equipment was used.


Detailed photos
Our report demonstrates exactly the progress the PPM has made, showing before, during and after photographs. We also photograph and highlight any issues found whilst carrying out the work. 


Further recommendations
Should we see anything of concern or any potential issues we photograph then and highlight them to the client. We will include recommendations for further resolution.

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