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Retail Park Portfolio

Case Study


IPM Facilities currently maintain a similar national portfolio for one of our Clients, where we maintain 55 properties that are situated across the UK. The properties range from business parks to industrial estates, and retail parks. We currently provide annual grounds maintenance and cleaning services for each of these properties.  For each of these properties, IPM has a dedicated Operations Manager who holds quarterly meetings with our Client. In addition to this, we submit a monthly report to our clients for each of their sites. In the reports, we highlight any Health & Safety issues, report on the current standards of both the landscaping and cleaning, and recommend any improvements to be considered. In recent months it has been more difficult to meet at these properties, however, due to the importance of communication we have regular MS Teams or Zoom meetings.


The teams that manage these properties are all horticulturally trained, whether it be “in-house” or via outside horticultural training schemes. Also, as a minimum our team members will hold between them will hold H&S certification relating to the works they carry out. These are listed below. 

•    First Aid at Work
•    Sharps Removal 
•    LANTRA Health & Safety 
•    LANTRA PA1/PA6 
•    LANTRA machinery  

The team will be provided with the latest equipment to complete their job to the highest standard. We are also rolling out battery-powered equipment at certain properties as part of our ongoing effort to help the environment. 

Our teams are also provided and trained to use up-to-date technology such as hand-held devices and tablets. We also provide them with their own company email addresses or ease of communication. This allows them to send site visit reports, pictures and to report any issues directly from properties to our helpdesk and management teams.


Our street cleaners are invaluable as they are generally the eyes and ears at the properties we manage. Training is again important, and each cleaner will have the below minimum training:

•    Sharps Removal 
•    COSSH – due to fuels /cleaning chemicals that may be used to wipe down bins & signage. 
•    In-house training – hazard spotting 
•    Dealing with spillages  
•    In-house machinery training  

A member of the management team will meet or contact our cleaning operatives on a weekly basis.

Each cleaning operative is provided with the equipment and tools to complete their tasks to the highest standard. On many of the retail parks we maintain, the cleaners are on daily shift patterns.  These cleaners are provided with an area to store their equipment, first aid kits, spill kits, safety signage, and barriers. They are also provided with a company phone, where they we will be able to report any issues directly from the property to our helpdesk and management team.


Quarterly Reports

At the end of each quarter, we will upload a report to our client portal. The information highlighted will be as below.

•    Health and safety issues 
•    Landscape and Cleaning standards 
•    Site recommendations  

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